June 2012 Update

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This blog post will certainly interest Blogger who appreciates the benefits of Guest Blogging.

I’ve had a few concerned Bloggers ask me if everything was OK, considering that I haven’t posted on our Blog for a while.  That’s what I love about Blogger’s, they are such a nice bunch of people!  Well thanks for your concern and I’m very much alive and well 🙂

June, was an extremely busy month, mainly because of the massive change-over of sites.  Here’s what happened.

1. I decided to dump the ASP.NET website and move it over to a WordPress CMS.  Our new site has been live since 2nd June 2012 and if you haven’t seen it then check it out – it’s really grown – http://hometipster.com

2. I wanted to do more with Hometipster.com and while we had an extensive Library of How To Guides for Home Improvement and Gardening, I wanted to extend the offerings which would allow me to write about many other things for the home and garden.  So I basically turned Hometipster.com into a fully fledged ‘Home and Garden Magazine‘.  We now have loads more going on in the new categories Home Ideas and Garden Ideas.  Just to give you a flavor, we have articles on Architecture, Interior and Exterior Design, Landscaping, Art, Kitchens, Bathrooms and this list goes on.

Hometipster.com - Home and Garden Magazine

New Look – Hometipster.com – Home and Garden Magazine

Why did I do all this?  Well it came down to the fact that I was getting more and more requests from Bloggers to do ‘Guest Posts’ and the move over to WordPress and opening up more areas of interest allowed me to satisfy these requests.

Quick Note on Guest Blogging – For starters you can include rich keyword text links back to your own blog or website.  I also extensively share all articles posted though the social networks to provide you with even more readers.  You can create an Author’s Bio so that people can follow your posts.  You can also feature in the ‘Top Contributors’ section.

All of this is designed to help YOU get a better deal from Guest Blogging.  Rules?  Yep, we have a few – see Guest Blogging

Hold On Folks… I nearly forgot to mention that we are running a competition to Win an iPad 2.  The competition is open to anyone posting articles on Hometipster.com.  I thought this would be a nice way to reward our Guest Bloggers – enter now and have fun – Good Luck!

So, as you can see an awful lot has gone on this month over at Hometipster.com.  Since the move to WordPress, and the increased content areas, I’ve experienced an increase in readers of over 300% on a day to day basis.  I’m also seeing a lot more people registering for the ‘Daily Update’ emails, which consist of any articles that have been posted that day… another great reason to Guest Blog as I actively promote your posts to my readers.

So there, you have it… a complete update in a few words what I’ve been up to.  If you have any questions about Guest Blogging please leave these in the comment box below.

Happy Blogging folks!



Singapore Botanical Gardens

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We’ve just publish an article on Singapore’s new Botanical Gardens.  If you are one of those people who really loves your plants and you’re never been to Singapore then this might just give you the perfect excuse to buy that air ticket and explore.

Singapore's new Botanical Garden - Article feature on Hometipster.com.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in Singapore – it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and just walking around the city will delight any garden enthusiast as it is planted everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the article.  Singapore Botanical Gardens

Contributing Articles on Hometipster.com

June 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

We’re really excited here at Hometipster.com because we’ve just added three new sections to our website.

  • Home Ideas – this is designed to cover a multitude of articles to help inspire homeowners, from articles on Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Spaces, Basements… even Art and Architecture.
  • Garden Ideas – in the same concept as Home Ideas but focusing on Landscaping, Outdoor Entertainment, Patios, Decking and more.
  • Home and Garden News – Designed to provide information on what’s going on with the Home and Garden market and includes everything that affects the homeowner and gardener. It’s a way for people to voice their opinions and determine what events are taking place.

These new areas really do broaden the content we can deliver to our ever growing number of readers and is designed to assist our Article Contributors to post a wider range of content that will help them promote their own websites or blogs.

Is it worth contributing content to Hometipster.com?

Just the other day I received an email from Jessi.  Jessi had just signed up as a contributor but was a little concerned if her efforts would produce any tangible results, in term of traffic to her own blog.  That’s a fair concern and I let Jessi know that:

  • Submitting an article is completely free
  • You can include up to 3 Keyword Rich Text Links within the body of the article
  • You can include a URL Link direct to your website or blog within your ‘Author’s Bio’ which appears at the bottom of each article you produce

I’m delighted to say that Jessi went ahead and produced her first article.  We then set about promoting that article through all our Social Networks.  Jessi herself also promoted her article in the same way.  Within just 1 day…

  • Over 60 people read the article
  • 9 people Pinned her article in Pinterest
  • Jessi had over 22 visitors

And that was just in the first day!

Our readership is growing on a daily basis and as more people find us, more people are sharing the great content we, and our contributors, write through their social networks, so why not become part of something special and inspire people through your knowledge and expertise.  Article writing is and will remain one of the best free methods for promoting your own website or blog.

Registering to become a contributing author is free.  Submitting articles is free.  Adding Keyword Rich Text Links is free. Adding a URL Link in your Author’s Bio is free.  In other words it’s the best piece of free marketing you will ever get for your website or blog.

Find out more – see our Submit Articles Guidelines or Register Today and inspire people with your knowledge.

If you want to know more the please contact me.


Graham Briar, Co-Founder, Hometipster.com

Hometipster.com – New Website

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After a lot of feedback we decided to change Hometipster.com.  The decision was based mostly on people who wanted to contribute to the content and benefit from the articles they write. We looked at a number of CMS and in the end there was only one clear winner and was WordPress.

I am delighted to announce to all our readers and content contributors that the new site is now fully operational and when you register and log in you’ll be completely familiar with the WordPress system.  For those of you who are new to using WordPress, don’t worry – it’s one of the easiest CMS there is out there.

As always, we welcome anyone to register and write content. Full details are available on the site: Hometipster.com

We hope you enjoy  using and benefiting from the new site.

Submit DIY & Gardening News

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As of today, 31st March 2012, Hometipster.com has introduced a new service – DIY & Gardening News.

News is always interesting. You may be launching a new product or service. You might be having an event or that something else important has happened with your business that you want others to know about.  Our FREE news submission services now means you can get your news in front of people who are directly interested in DIY and or Gardening.

Did we mention that it was FREE… we’ll there’s nothing wrong with plugging a good thing and not only is it completely free you can also include a Source Link back to your own web site and or blog.  Most people worry if their work ever really gets seen but with Hometipster.com you don’t have to worry about that either.  On our home page, we rotate the news so that everyone who submits news gets a fair rotation in front of our visitors.

So, let’s sum it up:

  • It’s FREE – with no catches or upgrades to be paid for (no upgrades at all – everyone gets the same great service and exposure)
  • You get Home Page exposure on Hometipster.com – we do our best to put your news in front of our readers
  • It’s easy to submit
  • You get a FREE Source Link back to your web site and or blog


How to Submit Your News

It’s so easy.  We have a very simple form for you to submit your news article.  You simply  write your article and then press submit.  Once we receive your news article we’ll process it and providing there are no problems we’ll then publish it.  If we do have an issue, we won’t  leave you in the dark. We’ll drop you an email explaining the problem – 99% we’ll fix it for you.

Here’s the direct link for submitting your news: Submit DIY and Gardening News

Our goal here is to help you attract readers and visitors to your web site and or blog.  So, submit your news  today!

Getting MORE Visitors to Your Website – Part 3

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In Part 1 and Part 2 we showed you ways in which to boost traffic, by Posting Tips and Answering Questions on Hometipster.com.  In this final installment we’ll show you how you can add some real juice to SERP and drive even more Direct Traffic to YOUR web site and or blog.

Sometimes, especially for us  small businesses, it seems like a never ending battle to get Google to rank us high enough so that we do get sufficient traffic that produces enough income to put bread on the table.  Many people think that Hometipster.com is some well funded, large corporations.  That’s not true.  In fact we don’t even qualify as a medium size business.  We are in fact one of the millions of small business on the web trying to make a name for ourselves.  How small is Hometipster.com?  Just two people.  I take care of all the content, design, blogging, marketing and everything else to get people to visit Hometipster.com, while Andrew, takes care of all the clever CSS /ASP.NET coding that makes the site run.

Just because we are small doesn’t mean we are not successful.  We’ve come a long way since Jan 2011 when we launched Hometipster.com and our site traffic continues to rise.  I’m not going to say I have a magical solution, far from it.  What I do have is a passion for what I do and I work 14 hours a day, every day.

So how does Hometipster.com get traffic?  For a start we work hard on SEO, but we believe SEO is not the be-all and end-all to getting visitors.  Our primary goal is producing excellent content that our visitors will find useful and therefore return for more.  SEO can become quiet natural and as Google further extends and tweaks it’s algorithms it’s getting hard to manipulate, using White Hat techniques, rankings.  As Google stated, concentrate on great quality and unique content and Google will recognize it and reward you for it in terms of higher rankings.

If you look closely at Hometipster.com you will see that it is very much a social web site.  We allow anyone to Post Tips, Post Comments and become part of our growing Questions & Answers Community.  All of these are capable of creating one-way back-links and driving traffic to the posters site directly.

Our third and final offering is ‘Writing Guides‘.  We encourage anyone with knowledge of DIY (Home Improvement) and Gardening to write and submit a guide.  We do have strict guidelines for submission and this is to protect the integrity of Hometipster.com, our visitors and those who have already submitted guides.

Writing a guide is a great way to let people know what you know.  It adds confidence in what you do and produces far greater levels of traffic than any Banner Ad could ever hope to achieve.

With each guide that is submitted we allow a single web link.  This provides you with a one-way back-link and an additional tool to drive traffic to your website.  The best thing… it’s permanent!  Once your guide is accepted and published it stays there, so you are able to continuously get traffic from the effort you put in.  Here’s an example of a recent submission – this will give you an idea as to the layout and where the web / blog link is situated. How to Install Window Shutters

We certainly appreciate that writing a guide is hard work but once the guide is online, your work is done and then we take over promoting that guide.  We want loads of people to read it and we want loads of people to visit YOUR web site and or blog from it.  We promote the guide through the prime social networks, we also promote them within the guide pages on Hometipster.com, through Tags and our More How To Guides.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… The web is an information platform and it was designed originally to share information between people.  By writing a guide you are sharing what you know and this in turn benefits you by increasing the visitor flow to your website and or blog.  If you truly want your own website and or blog to be successful then learn to share, learn to dedicate your time and effort that helps others in their pursuit of knowledge.  A little love  goes a very long way.


So there you have it.  At Hometipster.com you really can create one-way back-links and drive traffic directly to YOUR website and or blog by:

1. Posting Helpful Tips

2. Being a community member in our Questions and Answers boards

3. Writing DIY and or Gardening Guide


Each of the above takes effort on your part but unless you win the lottery then to make it in this world, and on the world wide web, then you’ll have to put in the effort to be successful.

Finally, Hometipster.com is always open to suggestions, questions and comments.  If you have any then please use our Feedback form.  My name is Graham Briar, you can direct your questions or suggestions directly to me.

I hope what we offer at Hometipster.com helps you to get more visitors to your website and I sincerely hope that your efforts are rewarded by success!


Graham Briar



Getting MORE Visitors to Your Website – Part 2

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In Part 1 of Getting MORE Visitors to Your Website we showed you how you can get a one-way back-link from Hometipster.com and also drive direct traffic from that link by Posting Tips on our Guide pages.

Today we going to show you another way you can drive more traffic to your website or blog and also create additional one-way back-links…

During the redesign, from all the feedback we received, one of the things many of our visitors wanted to see was a way for them to post questions and get answer answers for their DIY and Gardening issues.  This, we felt, would be a great edition to Hometipster.com and so we now have a fully functional DIY & Gardening Answers system.

This Answer system certainly helps our visitors to ask questions and get answers, but how does it help YOU to drive traffic to your website or blog and how does it help YOU to get a one-way back-link?

The answers system has been set up to benefit everyone.  Let’s take an example.  Mr. A has a question “Is it a good idea to paint walls, in one room, a different colour?”  Now let’s say that you can answer this question and in fact you have a guide on your website and or blog showing Mr. A how to do this.  This is how you could answer that question…

“Yes, it is a good idea, but you need to make sure it’s done properly so that the colours do not clash. It’s best if you use one base colour and then lighter versions of it.  To help you out, here’s a guide that we have – How to Paint Walls Different Colours.  I hope  this helps.”

Now you can see by the above example that you have:

1. Created a link that can drive traffic to your website.  Note that other people using Hometipster Answers can also see this question and answer, so the traffic you get can grow.  The question and answer also stays on the system so that you can continuously get traffic from that link.

2. The link also provides you with a one-way back-link

That’s how easy it is to drive more traffic to your website and create a one-way back-link with Hometipster.com

You might be asking yourself WHY does Hometipster.com provide so many ways for other web owners to get traffic and back-link, without asking for anything in return.  The answer is twofold…

1. We benefit from it by getting useful content on the site.  Both ‘Posting Tips’ and ‘DIY & Gardening Answers’ adds more useful content which helps our Search Engine Rankings.

2. This is what the Web is about isn’t it?  Sharing stuff and helping one another to get more recognition and more traffic.  It’s just about spreading the word – the web is after all supposed to be a community and if you don’t interact with that community how is your website ever going to be successful?

A final note on Answering Questions… It’s a fact that people are more likely to visit a site where help has been provided.  People also like to see that you know what you are talking about and your expertise can create trust and reliability which further increases your chance of making money from your website due to the visitors interaction with your web pages.

OK, off you go now… take a look at Hometipster.com DIY & Gardening Answers and see if you can answer any of the questions – get yourself those one-way back-links and start driving more traffic to your site.

Can you PLEASE SHARE THIS… let others know and hopefully they can benefit from ‘Posting Tips’ and ‘Answering Questions’.

Thanks folks… hope your website is successful as mine!

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