World’s Most Expensive Kitchen?

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

World's Most Expensive Kitchen

World's Most Expensive Kitchen

Marzzi Design has designed and built a kitchen.  Nothing usual in that you might think, there are lots of places that design kitchens.

However, if you decide you would like this particular kitchen then you’ll certainly notice the difference when you get the bill, a whopping £300,000.  That’s right £300,000 for a kitchen.  Is this the most expensive kitchen in the world?  If not, it sure must come very close to it.

The London based Kitchen Design company, Marazzi Design, unveiled it’s Colosseo Oro Kitchen at Earls Court and it certainly did cause a stir.

Visually the kitchen is stunning with its 24 carat gold leaf, which is highlighted by the deep red base unit colours. But that still doesn’t detract from the fact that it costs £300,000.  Considering you can buy and install a very nice kitchen for under £5,000 you have to ask where does the price tag come from.  What makes this kitchen so expensive?  And what person, in their right mind would buy such a kitchen? Stop and think for just a moment. You could buy an entire house for that, including all the furnishings.

Like most things in life, what’s generally very expensive does come with some exclusivity and Marazzi Design did point out that it will only produce 10 in the world and each kitchen is fitted with the ultimate fittings, such as 24 carat gold leafing and crocodile embossed leather.  It also comes with Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances. As for the lighting, well they are Swarovski Crystal Lights, and would you really expect anything less for this price tag?

Just the appliances alone will set you bag a heart-stopping £55,000 and the mirrored steeled oven hood by itself is £8,000.  For the taps, well that’s also pretty special as these are Zaha Hadid Designed and cost… wait for it… £6,000!

So who will buy a kitchen like this? Who are the lucky 10? Well you can bet your house that it’s going to be someone who won’t be worrying about the cost.  Anyone who can afford £300,000 is certainly not going to worry about a mere £6,000 for the taps.

The question is… Would you buy a kitchen that costs this much money, if you had the money and why?  Leave your comments below.

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