Becoming a Millionaire

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve often heard people talking about creating the ‘Ultimate Lifestyle’ but what exactly is it and how do we obtain it.  I’ve got a really good friend of mine and quiet frankly he’s not exactly well off, but he lives life to the full on his small retirement pension.  He’s doesn’t have a large luxury home, nor a large yacht or even a nice car, in fact his car is 35 years old – sure it’s forever breaking down, but he loves it.  Does he have the Ultimate Lifestyle?  In his eyes he does, because he has no real worries and does pretty much what he wants each day and he simply finds things to do that do not involve spending large sums of money.

Ultimate Life Style - The Luxury Home

Ultimate Life Style - The Luxury Home

The ultimate lifestyle, for some might be a luxury home.  I for one wouldn’t want anything massive.  My ideal home is one that I want to build myself, so that I get exactly what I need, in terms of living space and how  the building looks.  I also definitely want a large swimming pool with a built in Jacuzzi.

Are my lifestyle choices extravagant or modest?  To some, it would be over the top in what you need for a comfortable lifestyle, while I’m sure there are others out there that will think my ultimate lifestyle choice in a home is rather modest.

Luxury Cars - The Rolls Royce

Luxury Cars - The Rolls Royce

So what about the cars?  Most of us like a nice car and most of us have a specific dream car in mind.  If money was no object, would you choose  a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari, or even both?  You might be one of those folks who is really into cars and so might, if money was no object at all, have a dozen or more.  Is this excessive?  Is this the ultimate lifestyle?  Again, it’s going to come down to two things, how much money you have and what your personal preferences are.

Recently a very young couple won over £45 million on the Euro Lottery.  They bought a couple of really nice cars, a Jaguar for him and a Range Rover for her.  Excessive?  Personally I think that was fairly modest.  But what about the house?  Again, and surprising to most, is that they paid just £250,000 for  a home.  A very nice home by all standards but nothing like what you might expect multi-millionaires to do.  Maybe they are just to green to their new wealth and will upgrade to something more elaborate in the future, who knows.  Maybe they now have their ultimate lifestyle.  Whatever they do, you can only wish them the best and hope that it provides them with their ultimate lifestyle.

Ultimate Living - the luxury Super Yacht

Ultimate Living - the luxury Super Yacht

If money was simply no object would you buy a luxury yacht?  Just recently in the news a billionaire couple took ownership of a Super Yacht that cost a staggering £100m to build.  Just to fill up the gas tanks is an eye watering £250,000 and you can bet your bottom dollar it drinks fuel like a herd of thirsty elephants.

Could you imagine yourself cruising around the Med or Caribbean in your own super yacht or is this simply too ostentatious for your taste?

The thing is, when it comes down to the Ultimate Lifestyle is really is all about personal preference.  I’ve often heard people saying that millionaire spending vast sums of money on these types of luxuries is obscene and yet these people fail to look at their own lifestyles within their own budgets.  Consider, as an example, that you live in a nice detached house, with a reasonably nice family car and that your annual salary is £50,000.  While you might not consider this to be luxury living, by a millionaires standard, it certainly far exceeds those living in parts of the world where the average daily wage is less than £3 and your home consists of a tin shack.

Would I buy any of these, or indeed all of these, luxury items if money was no object.  Probably, because as your wealth increases so does your lifestyle (in most cases).  Lifestyle, I guess is all about affordability, and the Ultimate Lifestyle doesn’t really exist as there will always be other things that you could own that would make your life more comfortable, more fun and provide a better lifestyle.

If these things don’t interest you, and for many it doesn’t, then certainly there is no denying that other things do interest you.  If they didn’t you wouldn’t be worried about earning a higher salary or even working much more that simply to put food on the table.

Therefore I have to conclude that the Ultimate Lifestyle only exists in the mind of the individual and as individuals we all have different needs and desires.

Here’s something for you to consider and maybe leave a comment for… If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy – I’m not talking about helping out friends or family, that’s something most of us would do.  What I want to know is what would you buy for yourself to enhance your lifestyle. Try and be imaginative!

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