How to Build a House – Getting Started

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Building your own home can be a very exciting prospective.  If you’ve never built your own home then there are lots of things you need to take into consideration before you start.

Like anything in life, planning and preparation are the key.  I’ve built my own home and I have a clear understanding of what it takes and how essential careful planning is.  While building your own home can be cheaper than buying one and while you may be able to build a home exactly to your living requirements there are pitfalls.

Ask anyone who has built their own home and you will get a mixture of perspectives.  Some will say that’s it’s exciting and rewarding.  Others will tell you it’s the most stressful thing they have ever undertaken and would never do it again.  Others will say they can’t wait to build another, but generally you will find that the comments are a mixture of all these.  Yes, building your home is exciting, it is stressful in some parts, and it is rewarding.

Before you set out on your quest to build your ultimate dream home you will have to be realistic.  It is very easy to get carried away in what you want to build.  If you have a family then you must sit them down and chat to them about your dream of building a home.  They may not show the same enthusiasm and unless everyone is on-board with your plans then you could end up putting an enormous amount of strain on the family life.

Besides all your dreams do you know how much money you have available to build a home?  Do you plan to sell you existing home to raise the funds – if so, where are you and your family going to live while the house is being build.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a home.  There are so many considerations to be made, but if you are like me and really want to build then take a look at the guide below:

How to Build a House

When it’s all said and done I can testify that the emotions and financial strain can be difficult to cope with.  Generally it’s not all plain sailing and you will find a number of issues to deal with along the build.  The key is to be able to step back and look at any problems in a logical way.  What may seem like a complete disaster one minute can easily work itself out the next.  If this is your first time then I would highly recommend that you employ the services of a site Project Manager.  I was advised to do this on my first build and I took that advice – oh so glad I did and for two reasons.  The first is that the Project Manager takes so much of the hassle out of the build for you.  He or she is the one that will sort out tradesman and materials.  The second reason is that I gained a vast amount of knowledge.  I made sure I was on-site every day to discuss things and watch how it all came together.  I am planning, in the future to build another  home and this time, providing I can get sufficient time of work, I’ll either project manage the build completely or co-project manage it… that is employ a part-time project manager or consult heavily with my architect.

I hope the guide provides you with an insight as to what you’ll need to consider when building your new home.


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