Getting MORE Visitors to Your Website – Part 1

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are tons of websites out there showing you a multitude of ways to drive traffic to your website and or blog.  We all know that to ramp up site visitors takes work and there is simply no getting around this.  There are no magic solutions or fast-track ways to increase your Search Engine Rankings, it takes time and dedication.

Think about why you blog for a moment.  That’s right, you want people to read what you write and spread the word, so that other people will read what you write.  It’s all about getting more people to view your website and or blog.

If you are a regular visitor to then you would have noticed that our website has been given a complete overhaul. One area that we did pay attention to was the ‘Comments’.  Yes, nearly all websites have a Comments Board and also provides a way for people to leave their comments. However, we wanted to take the concept one step furthers, so we introduced POST TIPS.

Post Tips

A tip is generally more helpful by it’s very suggestion and that’s exactly what we are achieving. Anyone can post a tip on any of the hundreds of DIY and Gardening guides we have.  These tips provide additional information for our readers and they allow those posting tips to get a useful back-link, plus a direct way to drive traffic to their own website via a live link.

—Example— Posted on How to Choose a Bricklaying Trowel

If this is your first trowel then it best if you go for a cheap one first. If you like it then spend the money on a really good quality brick trowel of the same type, weight and shape.

As you can see, from the example above, the tip is very useful and it probably took less than 2 minutes to write and submit.  In return now has a Back-Link and a live URL so that our visitors can visit their website.

A note to all our Subscribers…

We all need a little more traffic to our websites in order to make them a success.  The Post Tips helps you to get a useful Back-Link, Direct Traffic and a way for to provide even more useful information to our visitors.

Please pass this on to other webmasters / site owners you know – it could help them to generate a little more traffic.


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