DIY – How to Save Energy

January 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

We constantly get reminded that we need to be greener in our approach to energy use in the home.  Most of us embrace eco friendly methods throughout our homes to some degree, but is it necessary to look at every tiny amount of energy saving that’s possible?

The bottom line is YES.  That is if you want to save yourself a lot of money.  Each time you introduce an energy saving method to your home means that you’ll not only be helping the planet but you will be reducing the cost of running your home.

You can, if you choose, leave things as they are.  If you don’t care about the environment and you have pockets full of cash to waste then that’s your choice.  However, for the mere morals of this world we know we have to slave away at our jobs to make sufficient money to pay the bills.  Running a home is not cheap and our energy bills keep rising.

Here’s a thought… what would you rather do… spend more money on home energy or save money and then use that saving for a nice holiday in the sun?  Yeah, me too, I’m much rather be lying on a beach in the Tropics than paying more money over to the utility companies, that’s for sure.

Saving energy around the home does not consist of just one item.  You have to make changes around the home and all these add up.  Here’s a little fact for you…  I put in some decent attic insulation, lagged my hot water cylinder and installed a programmable thermostat.  I worked out that my savings in just one year was over $300.  I now have many other energy saving devices and methods around my home and my energy now costs me NOTHING… yes, you read that right… NOTHING.  In fact I make money because the surplus energy goes back to the grid and the utility companies pay me.

So are you interested in saving energy?  More to the point would you like to save a bucket load of cash and enjoy a decent holiday once a year?

To help you reduce your energy use and the money you spend on it see the guide below.  It’s full of practical advice and tips to help you!  PS – Don’t forget to send me a postcard of your next holiday that you had from the savings you made!!


How to Save Energy


Want more guides?  See our website – – DIY & Gardening Guides : Videos : Answers : Tools


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