DIY – How to Choose Paint

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Painting and decorating your home is a personal choice when it comes to choosing paint colours.  Whatever you choose this is how you can express yourself and personalize your home.  As individuals we all have different ideas of what looks nice and what does not.  It is due to this individuality that the manufacturers produce such a vast range of colours and it doesn’t stop there.  Visit any local DIY store and the chances are they’ll have equipment for mixing paints to the exact shades you require, thus furthering your choice.

Before you get started there are a number things you may want to consider before putting paint on your walls, for example:

1. How big is your room?  Remember that darker colours will make a room look smaller

2. Will the chosen colour go with your existing furnishings

3. What type of finish do you want?  Gloss, satin, silk or matt for example.


To help you choose the right colour and type of paint we’ve written a useful DIY guide to help you…


How to Choose Paint


For other great ideas in this category try our DIY Painting and Decorating section where you find guides to help you further.


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