Gardening – How to Use Weed Mats

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Weeds!  It’s the last thing any gardener wants to see in the garden.  We all know that a truly beautiful garden doesn’t just appear.  It takes careful planning, preparation, planting and on-going care and maintenance.

The trouble with weeds is that they have a nasty habit of being able to grow anywhere.  While many plants require certain soil conditions and sunlight the garden weed doesn’t seem to care providing it’s in soil.

For most gardeners weeding is a routine chore and more gardeners now are refusing to use herbicides (and that’s a great thing) and opt for organic methods.  There is one solution that can help you enormously and that is to lay down Weed Mats before you begin planting.  There are a number of different types on the market but they all have the primary function to help prevent weeds from taking root.

To help you we’ve written a useful guide on the use of weed mats…


How to Use Weed Mats


We also have a number of other guides relating to weeds in our Garden Weeds section.  This section covers a number of guides on weed control and guide covering specific types of weeds.


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