DIY – How to Make a Coffee Table

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

A coffee table is a useful piece of furniture to have in the home.  In fact almost all homes have one or more.   Take a trip to any furniture shop and you’ll quickly realize the huge variety that is available to you.

But what if you want something truly unique?  What if you want your coffee table to be of a certain length, width and height?  There is only one true solution to this dilemma… build one yourself.

Now you may be thinking that making your own coffee table is going to be a difficult job that only a skill carpenter will be able to achieve… nothing is further from the truth.  Building a coffee table is a straightforward project.  You just have to make sure you plan the job properly and make sure your measurements are correct.

Making a coffee table is also great fun and when friends and family members admire it and you say “I made that” you get a real sense of achievement.  To help you with this carpentry project we’ve written an easy to follow DIY guide…


How to Make a Coffee Table


We also have a lot more guides in our DIY Carpentry section, from building a rocking chair to learning how to make carpentry joints.


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