DIY – How to Insulate Pipes

November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Each year during the winter months many people suffer the unfortunate event of a burst pipe.  This is generally attributed to poor or no pipe insulation being fitted.  Once a pipe bursts you could be sitting happily watching the tv for sometime before you notice that anything is wrong.  By this time the water has made it’s way from the attic, through the joists, through the ceilings and down the wall.  The result… weeks of misery while you clean it up, dry out the house and then start the task of decorating all over again.

The truth is, a burst pipe can do untold damage and end up costing you thousands in repair bills and redecorating.

So the question to ask here is… “What’s it going to be?  A couple of hours and a few pounds lagging the pipes or weeks of misery, costly repair bills and then weeks of redecorating?”  the choice really should be a simple one.

Well now you know that the only solution is to insulate your pipes all you need to know is how to do it.  To help  you out we’ve written a guide that provides a simple, step-by-step, approach so you’ll have this Do It Yourself job done in no time at all.


How to Insulate Pipes


Wintertime is upon us so there is no time to delay, get the job done this weekend or you might end up being one of those unlucky souls who suffer the consequences.  As always is here to help with useful guides, so check out our Insulation & Ventilation for more guides that will help you properly insulate your home, save you lots of money on your fuel bills and help the environment by reducing your energy needs.


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