Gardening – How to Build a Garden Pond

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Many people choose to build a garden pond.  When built right they look stunning and provide a calming influence.

Just because you want to build a garden pond doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have fish.  Many ponds are build simply as a water feature and to enable the gardener to plant water based plants, such as water lilies – which look incredibly beautiful.

Building a pond is all about preference.  Do you want to keep fish?  Do you just want a water feature with plants?  How big do you want your pond?  Will you be using a liner or a preformed molded pond?

One important aspect is children.  If you have children, especially if they are very young, you’ll need to consider the safety aspects to ensure they can’t fall in.

Ponds are a great way to add real character to any garden and they are not that difficult to build.  We’ve written a very easy to follow guide to help you create a pond that is beautiful and safe for the family.


How to Build a Garden Pond


If you would like information on other water features, such as building a stream or waterfall, then see our Garden Ponds & Water Features section.


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