Multi-Million Dollar Home

November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

As you, my loyal readers know, is all about DIY and Gardening How To Guides and Videos, so why am I writing about Multi-Million Dollar Homes?  Bear with me and let me explain… is now just 10 months old.  It’s now beginning to attract more visitors but I am a long way from becoming a multi-millionaire.  I run with the help of a friend but primarily it is my responsibility to take care of all the content, marketing and day to day running.  I really love what I do, even though it doesn’t yet generate sufficient funds to afford me a salary, but that’s ok, it’s come with hard work and dedication.

I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough then you’ll work hard enough to get what you want.  Running any business does require a lot of self confidence, self sacrifice, long hours and a real passion for what you do.  Sometimes, and this is the hard part, the odd doubt creeps in the mind and you wonder why you do what you do.  For me the remedy is browsing the web looking at luxury items that are so far out of my financial reach.  Now some may say this is counter-productive, because you could end up even more depressed, but for me it’s a real motivational booster.

So… here’s the Multi-Million Dollar Home I came across the other day.  Wow, was I impressed.  Just look at the views.  It’s a completely stunning location, has 7 beds, 9 baths, it’s own private 100m beach front, a 40m swimming pool, cinema and loads more.

Multi-Million Dollar Dream Home

Multi-Million Dollar Dream Home


Seriously, could you honest tell me that you wouldn’t want to live in a home as beautiful as this?

Anything is possible… you just have to want it bad enough and work hard enough to achieve your goals.  While my business doesn’t make any money (yet) I am lucky in that what I do I really care about.  Writing DIY and Gardening guides that show people how to do things is truly rewarding in knowing that someone, somewhere has benefited from the work I do.

Feel free to visit and please leave your comments – what motivates you?  I would love to know if you agree with my motivational method or if you think I’m completely nuts.


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