Gardening – How to Grow Your Own Food

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Times are financially tough for most of us.  In this economic climate it certainly feels like every time you manage to save a few pennies another bill lands on the mat and puts you right back to square one.

Food is essential… we all need it but there are still many households that don’t bother to grow their own fruits and vegetables.  Why?  Generally it comes down to the lack of two things… time and experience.  For those of you who fall into this category our advice is Find the Time and Learn How to Grow Your Own Food.  Try and get the whole family involved – it is immensely satisfying eating something that you have grown and generally tastes a whole lot better than mass farmed produce.  You also get a piece of mind knowing how your food was grown and nearly all home grown produce is done so organically.

Ok, enough of the rambling.  Let’s get down to the money side… Ask yourself this question; “How much money do you spend on Fruit and Vegetables each week?”  You can save approximately 90% of this household bill by growing all the fruits and vegetables you need.  Let’s take a it a step further… if you have a large garden then why not grow more than you need and sell your produce to your friends and neighbours to help cover the cost of your labours and planting expenses!

Interested in growing your own food?  You really should be if you really want to save an awful lot of money.  Don’t know how?  That’s the easy part… the guide below will help you get started.


How to Grow Your Own Food


Read the guide above and start small, by planting a few potatoes and carrots.  Once your confidence grows you can expand your crop.  We hope this will get you out in the garden … it’s great exercise as well 🙂


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