Gardening – How to Test Soil PH

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Depending on which types of plants you want to grow will determine the soil ph levels that each species of plant requires.  Some plants like a lot of acidity in the soil while others require very little to grow.

The ph levels in the soil will ultimately determine how well your plants will grow and how healthy they will be.  Before you start digging holes for planting it is essential, to the plants health, that you determine what ph levels the plant will thrive in and what current levels of ph you have in the intended planting area.

Testing ph levels in soil is relatively easy and the guide below provides clear instructions on how to do this.


How to Test Soil PH


There are many other considerations you need to make when growing plants and we have a whole section dedicated to Soil Preparation.  All this should provide you with enough information that will allow you to grow healthy and happy plants in your garden.


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