Gardening – How to Build a Garden Pond

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few days ago I was at a dinner party and the topic of conversation turned to gardening and water features.  A couple at the party said they had just finished building a garden pond and had a Gazebo constructed so that it over hung the pond.  I was invited to take a look, which the next day I did.

There is something about water in a garden that really lifts this soul.  I was amazed at their new pond and sitting in the Gazebo with a Gin and Tonic it was easy to see why they could spend hours relaxing in their garden.

It’s not that difficult to build a garden pond, but there are a few considerations to be made, for instance, child safety, aquatic life (are you going to keep fish) and of course the size of the pond you want to build.  If you really would like to build your own garden ponds here’s a great little guide to help you.


How To Build a Garden Pond


If you are interested in other types of water features for your garden, such as a Garden Stream or Waterfall, then see our section : Garden Ponds & Water Features


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